Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ADDICTED MUCH (twitter/instagram)

Twitter can be distracting, but it can be useful. It’s up to you how to go with the flow or the follow lolz ! Its not been much since I started using twitter after I deactivated my facebook account this is the first  thing that keeps me going nowadays. For those of you ,not yet using it ! do download it its quite the catch ,  well even though Updates have to be under 140 characters this annoys me sometime but on the contrary its helpful in  many ways let’s see what is it helpful for:

Quick feedback:
Ask folks on your friend’s list which digital camera to buy for under $300 US,RS or whatever  and you’ll get back a stream of responses.
News Briefings:
About the natural calamities updates and latest celebrities news oh that’s a catch I always get my eyes on them
Recently  I asked about a web designer for a project. I got back 14 emails in 10 minutes from different sources on Twitter. It’s a great place to find folks to help with things.
Lots of us use Twitter to direct folks to blog posts we’ve written, news we find needs sharing, or entertaining things we’ve found on the web so here is the platform to share it guys
Direction to Social Causes:
I’ve seen plenty of posts of someone doing a walk for hunger or a collection for diabetes. Twitter allows people to use their friend lists to propagate that information faster, and try to draw more direct help down to a problem. So if ur doing one of these you can do marketing throughout twitter and ask for help


The second thing that keeps me going is INSTAGRAM. If you're like me and you're more than just a little bit addicted to Instagram, you know that some photos truly stand out in the stream. When I get the likes and feedback on my pictures I just feel so good I just don’t know why but it is the way it is.
And you can see that I have already shared my love towards instagramming in my earlier post I would just like to give you tips about how to make a life out of instagramming:

First you need a clean image:
Take the original photo with your phone’s camera. By taking your photos with your camera, you will be able to keep a completely untouched photo, just in case. This frees you up to try all sorts of different effects. You’ll also be able to zoom in and crop, whereas Instagram itself doesn't offer you that flexibility.
Edit them in different pic editting apps first :
Before you import your photos into Instagram, try tweaking them with another fun photo editing app first. There are a ton of great photo editing apps, but some of our favorites have built-in timers, offer a great variety of interesting effects, allow you to create collages and help you to merge photos into one panoramic image. Some of our go-to apps are Camera+, Snapseed, 100 Cameras in 1, Diptic, Dynamic Light and AutoStitch Panorama.
Frame it :
When taking photos that you'll import into Instagram, try looking at your world as a square.Once you’ve taken your photo, try taking it again from another angle — hold your camera high above your head or scoot down and take the shot from below. Your subject can look dramatically different when taken from an unusual angle.
Small details about the picture:
your entire subject is wonderful. Take one great shot of your subject in its entirety to capture the moment, but then take another where you capture just one small detail. Think tiny, perfect hands, cute shoes or a pretty necklace.

well i know that i m addicted to both of these two but i dont regret a bit they help me make new friends get updated with whats new and m happy with that cheers !

So guys follow me on twitter @j_priita & @priita on Instagram  I m waiting J
                           CIAO xoxo !! thank kew !!! :)


  1. Damn!! you wrote that?? Thought i was reading some internet article. Your good!! seriously! And isn't that, instagram is the first thing that keeps you going? All I see is your instagram pics in your twitter timeline lol. Anway keep on updating your blog.

  2. Hey btw teenz magazine is looking for some DIY articles. I think your instagram post would be appropriate. Infact I enjoyed reading that post. You should Try that!

    1. WOW ur fast yeti chito padi pani sakyo .Thanks for the feedback Dearu hmm and YES instagram must be the first one that keeps me going but first and foremost thing i do always is read out tweets by peopleit really inspiring and then comes the instagramming thing and what is this about teenz magazine ya i would love to write an article what is the link of it can u send me thanks again for the feedback XD

  3. That's a great informative post! I'm so new to twitter and I do not at all find it interesting enough to keep me hooked! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and following! I'm following you too now!
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    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

    1. WOW thanks for the follow dear and i guess i have added you on twitter dont worry i am here to help you out with your tweets, your blog is so awesome and inspiring much love Priita :)

  4. I loved your post ! I love twitter and also Instagram ! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, I am following you on google friend connect :-) Kisses

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    1. wow thanks for the follow sweet friend i am so glad to be friends with you ur awesome !:)i have followed you on blogloving, twitter and instagram keep me posting xoxo !!