Thursday, March 1, 2012


WELCOME! to my blog people !

It’s been a long time since I was out of the socialite world as I am back I feel I need something new a real BANG ! in my life to start over with and here I am it’s all  coz of my dear inspiration my best friend she has been really insisting me on to open on my own BLOG from a long time so here I go … 

Having keeping low social profile for about a six month well lets clear this out with you guys, i am counting from the day as i deactivated my facebook account because i was really very much addicted to it, It’s kind of really difficult umm no in other word I can say it’s quite impossible to face the surrounding of people all around you who use Facebook ,twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ my space, blog and whatsoever new social sites .

Well life out of these social sites is quite amazing as i say the most important thing i have experienced is you dont need to care how would you look on facebook when you click pictures with your friends you can pose watever you like you dont need to be concerned about your looks and everything. Lol!

 But even though I miss the definite ease of communication with friends and acquaintances. I’ve used Facebook before to find sources for articles too, but no longer can. So, now my avenues of communication are more segmented. But no worries I got twitter in the meantime 

But it’s what I’ve actually enjoyed about being off of Face book that has surprised me most. I spend less time on my computer without Face book’s source of infinite content. During real life experiences, what is or isn’t worth sharing on Face book no longer lingers in the back of my mind, so I spend more time simply enjoying the present. And the false comparisons between others’ curated digital self-presentations and my own naturally widespread sources of pride, fulfillment, dissatisfaction and insecurity no longer exist.

In the final analysis, what my little experiment has shown me is that Face book has become so ingrained in human life that it’s kind of like religion in a way. You can partake or not partake as much as you like, but the thing itself isn’t going anywhere. Your choice won’t change anything in the bigger picture, but I’ve found it fascinating to explore the differences in my own life.

its been six months and I’m going to keep the experiment going. It’s been fun to be deactivated, but I’m not going to delete. I’ll be back one day. But, for now, I’m enjoying my life offline. All i wanna say is i m happy and I know it :) 

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  1. I'm just happy that u r happy n that I cud inspire u.....yay we have rock the blogosphere! Love u always.....n may u get constant passion n drive to do more in ur field of work by entering into this beautiful world of bloggers .....I know I did.......xoxo